Friday, April 04, 2008

Trans Iowa Details

Okay, through a lot of sacrifice and toil on d.p.'s part we have some solid mileages for your perusal finally. I appologize for the delay, but the winter just never would allow for us to get out and take care of this until just recently.

Checkpoint#1 109.26 miles You must check in by 2:00pm Saturday afternoon to recieve cue sheet set #2 to continue on. No cue sheets will be distributed past this time.

Checkpoint#2 207.25 miles You must check in by midnight Saturday to recieve your cue sheet set #3 to continue. No cue sheets will be distributed past this time.

Finish Line Decorah, Iowa: 345.00 miles You must finish by 2:00pm Sunday to be recorded as a finisher. All later than this time will be DNF'ed.

Notes: There are no convenience stores at Checkpoint #1. There is a small gas station off route near by. There are no overnight convenience stores at Checkpoint #2. There is a bar, and a small convenience store just off route that will close for the evening by about 10pm there. There are two re-supply options after the last checkpoint.

Remember, as always we will not consider you as in the event anymore if you miss a checkpoint. You are responsible for you. We will not provide a sag or come looking for you. Please be aware that you should have a way to contact your support person(s). A cell phone is highly recommended. If you are aware that you will miss a checkpoint time, or are planning to DNF, please call the provided phone number (you will get it at the pre-race meeting) to alert the event staff of your situation so we can pass on information if we are contacted by your support crew.

This is the longest, toughest Trans Iowa that has yet been devised. Plan accordingly. Make sure you have plenty of water/fluids, nutrition, and a warm jacket or covering with you at all times. Don't be caught out in the middle of nowhere unprepared! You have been warned!

The pre-race meeting details will be coming soon. Stay Tuned!

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