Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday News and Views

He Said-They Said- Let's Just End This: Well by now you've probably read that Trek and LeMond are severing business relations due to allegations that have to do with "breach of contract" and other legal mumbo-jumbo. The thing is, Greg LeMond has been spouting off for years, disparaging the "crown princeLance" and doing weird things not consistent with being part of a "Big Corporation".

I don't have a problem with the things Greg has said, but if you are going to make loud statements that reflect nergatively on "the hand that feeds" you had better be prepared to do it standing alone. And that is exactly where Greg is going to find himself shortly. Expect more spectacular statements from Edina, Minnesota soon......

Trans Iowa Pre-Race/Meeting Details: I am currently in talks with T-Bock's in Decorah as to the exact details of food provisions, but here is the pertinent details to you Trans Iowa freaks. Be there at T-Bock's on Friday April 25th at 5pm-7:30pm for the pre-race meet up and meeting. Race packets will be handed out later in that time period, but don't even e-mail me asking when exactly. Just get your warm body in a seat there and be on time. If you miss this, you will be not starting. No exceptions. Good times will be on tap, you'll have a chance to ask all the questions I won't answer and maybe some I will.

Afterwards you will have a chance to catch a few "z's" if ya'all are not too nervous and then wake up at "dark-thirty" to line up for the start which will be exactly at 4:00am Saturday morning. You will be required to reach the first checkpoint by 2:00pm and the second by midnight to avoid being DNF'ed. The finish line closes up shop at 2pm Sunday and that will be followed by a brief post race activity to be announced.

Any questions? Can't make it? Please e-mail me at and let me know!

Too Wet To Plow: This dratted on again off again rain is keeping our trail networks too soggy to use. We could use a long dry spell and perhaps, if the future forecasts are correct, we'll be getting just that. Of course, I'll be in California attending Sea Otter right about then!

Oh well! At least ya'all will get a break here!

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