Saturday, February 21, 2009

For Trans Iowa History Buffs Only!

Hey, I'm up at Frostbike, but that doesn't mean the posts stop coming! Here's something only a true Trans Iowa freak would ever get into. It has been slow in the making, but I have enough content, (I think) to warrant pointing this out now. So if you are interested, here ya go!

A word or two about why I wrote the content and presented the information that I did is necessary, I think. I could have used a ton of links to sites where race reports were filed and linked hundreds of photos, but that would have been a monumental task, and it isn't my stuff to include anyway in the end. So, I decided to give it my own spin, my take from behind the scenes. Some of the information presented has never been published before. Some of it will anger, surprise, and amuse. However that is for you, it is purely my take on the Trans Iowas past.

I think I have been fair in reporting what I have written, but in anything worth pursuing, there are passions involved that may cause some emotions that are not necessarily my emotions or passions. It's all good, just keep in mind that I am relating the "history" from where I sat. Your point of view may have been different from where you were sitting. Okay?

That said, I have plans for relating some things that go on in between the events, and not just things that revolve around the events themselves. Things like recon, which you read that I do, but you may not know how that worked. Things like the sponsorships, how that all came about, and through whom. Things like the volunteers, and how that all happened. That will all be down the road.

For now, I am concentrating on each event, what changes happened, and some experiences from the seat of Guitar Ted. I have it up through V3 now, with V4 left to write up, and of course, V5 will be entered in as soon as we get by that one.

I hope you all enjoy it, that is, if anyone cares to look.

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