Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The New Camera= A Big Step!

<===The New Tool In The Shed, or A New Toy To Play With?

Okay, things are getting serious around here! This here is not your average image capture device. No sirree! This is getting down to business now and I've got a lot of learning to do.

Here we have the Panasonic DMC-LX3. (Go ahead and click the link if you are a shutterbug freak) I will say that in terms of my buddies Gnat and Captain Bob , I am a total n00b. Those guys sort of led me down this path, so hey. I can blame them, right?

Well, actually, I also have been smitten a bit by the photo bug, and truth be told, my gig on Twenty Nine Inches demanded that I do something differently. I will say that since I started with the online scribing, my photos have gotten a wee bit better. At least no one is posting and complaining that my shots suck anymore. So, I feel justified in saying I've taken at least some baby steps in the right direction.

Now, if I ever figure out how to use this device, I'll be well on my way! Until then, I've got some practicing to do, and I'll most likely never catch up with my two shutterbug friends, who have more photog talent in their pinky fingers than I do in my whole body. Well, at least I aim to have some fun regardless, so hopefully some good shots will find their way on here and the Crooked Cog Network will look respectable. Maybe........I can dream, can't I??

Rider Down! If you clicked the linky for Captain Bob, you already know he's broken his arm and will be off the bike for awhile. I feel awful for him and wish him a speedy recovery. You can go to his blog and leave him some encouragement here. I know he's feelin' down and could use some good words and vibes. Get well soon, Brother! We'll miss ya until you can rejoin us out there on the trails.

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