Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday News And Views

<===I call it "Vitamin R"

The single speed Rainier cyclo crosser is complete, (minus pedals). I got my Salsa Cycles Crossing Guard Wednesday and finished up the build. Those are 42mm IRC tires on there! I'll probably run something lighter and less wide when it comes time to throw down next fall. But for now, this will do.

The build consists of the following: Raleigh Rainier SS frame, size 59cm, Easton EC-90 carbon fiber fork, Sante' crank on a UN-54 square taper bottom bracket, ACS Claws 17T freewheel, 38T Origin 8 chain ring, SRAM PC-830 chain, (to be changed out for a different chain soon), Origin 8 single speed flip flop hub with a 16T cog and lock ring, KORE white cantilever brakes, de-badged Weinman DP-18 rims in "lager gold", Wheelsmith spokes and alloy nipples, IRC Mythos 42mm tires, Bontrager saddle, seat post, and stem, Midge Bars, Sante' levers, Bontrager tape in red, and a Salsa Cycles Crossing Guard chain ring guard.

First ride after I get me some pedals!

<===What happens when you are nice to people.

I had an old Sony turntable given to me. Turntable? of those thingies folks used to play "records" on so they could hear music. Well I had big plans to start playing the 500 LP's I have laying in a box somewhere, but of course, never got around to it and the record player sat under my bench at work for over a year.

Well, apparently vinyl records are making a comeback, and Brian, a co-worker I know at work knew about this turntable, so he asked me if I would sell it to him. I figured that since I didn't pay anything for it, why should he? Well, Brian gifted me this beer in return. I love it when everybody is happy!

<===I'm baaack! I'm back for more! (Hair band reference)

So I click on Salsa Cycles website yesterday and what do I see? Wool! Right on!

The old red and black Salsa "Classico" jersey had been discontinued for a few year, so this came as a complete surprise. Nice, and in short or long sleeves. Yeah, the price is big time, but this is made by EWR and they are top notch jersey makers. Nice ribbed collars, nice weight Merino wool fabric, and all tailored very well. I have lusted for an EWR jersey for a long time, but now that there is this Salsa Cycles version, I will definitely be getting one. Nice job Salsa Crew!

I did do some riding yesterday. It wasn't too bad in the morning. Not much wind and the temperatures above freezing. It sure was muddy though! I rode the Misfit Dissent back to back with the steel Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er. Definitely a difference between the two bikes. The Dissent, being aluminum is nice, not super stiff. The fork, also aluminum, is amazing. Very smooth! The bike is agile, playful almost. I do know it has a shorter wheel base than the MBC 29"er. Then I rode the steel rig next. Wow! Steel be good when it is made out of the pipes that the MBC is. Smooooth! Of course, this rig has a Cadillac ride and a '75 Eldorado wheelbase to go with it. She's a long legged gal, but sweet and super forgiving. I like the ride and it is a mellow, laid back feeling rig compared to the Dissent.

Man! Bicycles are just too much fun!

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