Saturday, February 14, 2009

The (Un) Reality Of It All

<===The scene outside my front window this morning.

So I came home the other day to find this camping trailer and a humongous 4 X 4 parked on my street. "Oh great! There goes the parking!", I say. I get out of my car and a neighbor down the street, the one that knows if you picked your nose or if someone kicked their dog, you know..........that neighbor! Well, she says to me that my next door neighbors are on "Wife Swap". (Apparently, a reality T.V. show)

You know, I have heard of these shows. "Survivor" comes to mind, but I have never seen one and I have no idea if "Wife Swap" is really a reality T.V. show or not, but my co-workers claim they've seen bits of it aired, so I suppose..........

At any rate, here they are today outside, staging shots in 15 degree weather, the crew smoking heaters and looking uncomfortable, and my neighbors parading around in his Halloween get ups. (He runs a "haunted house" deal on the side replete with motorized monsters, ghouls, and ghosts.)

I'm not going to pass judgement on all of this, but I will say this: It's about as unreal as it gets.

I always figured those shows were staged.

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