Saturday, April 04, 2009

FSA Wheels: XC-290

<===The FSA XC-290 wheels: In Black!

I received these FSA XC-290 wheels for testing on Twenty Nine Inches recently. FSA may not be on the tip of your tongue for a 29"er wheel set. But they probably should be judging from what I'm seeing here.

32 spokes. Three cross. Traditional "J" bend spokes. Eyeleted rims. Smart choices that other wheel makers (I'm speaking pre-built here) are not making. All of that and they (supposedly) only weigh 1800 grams for the set. That's well within reason for $550.00 wheels.

These do have a special splined nipple though, so that is a bit odd. Although, FSA does the right thing and includes a wrench with each wheel set. (Along with skewers and rim tape.)

I am thinking that these days any wheel maker needs to consider tubeless ready benefits in their designs. There are more and more tires for 29"ers coming out that have this ability. Sadly, it would appear that the FSA XC-290's do not offer this advantage.

The wheels have a "Mavic-like" skewer, which I hope actually works like one. The look is definitely "Kerkove Nation" approved- all black with some tasteful white graphics. (Removable, if you want) Each wheel is hand built and serially numbered. That's kinda cool.

Just looking at them I think that they will perform quite well. I'll weigh 'em, ride 'em, and flog 'em for awhile. We'll see how they fare later.

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