Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Announcing "The Cyclist"

I have been writing reviews, tests, and opinions on different websites for about four years now. Last December, it came to my attention that the Crooked Cog Network would be ceasing to exist as it was without someone else taking it over. For a time, I thought it might be me. That wasn't to be. However; I seem to have inherited Twenty Nine Inches, so for at least awhile, I will be running that site.

However; it appeared to me and Arleigh Jenkins that we would probably need to be pro-active and start our own site to carry forward. That site is up and running: The Cyclist.

I have maybe plugged it a bit here before, but here is the official, blatant announcement, more so for me than you, so I can look back later and say, "Yep! I did remember to announce that!"

The Cyclist is basically an amalgam of the former Crooked Cog sites rolled into one parking place. You have separate sections that have their own RSS feeds if you don't want to sift through the front page to find specific content. We tried to cater to all of our old fans, while trying to gain some new ones.

We are all cyclists. Whatever kind of two wheeled contraption you ride, be it a recumbent, mountain bike, road bike, beater, or fixie. Whatever wheel size trips your trigger is good with us. 29"rs, B rides, twenty inch BMX? is all good at The Cyclist. We will eventually get to all of that, but for now, we're going to strike out with what we already have experience covering at the old Crooked Cog sites.

Hopefully you will all check it out and come back around for a ride now and then. We'll be writing, testing, reviewing, and doing more beyond that in the future.

Thanks for reading my scribin' wherever you catch up with me.

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