Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots Of Loose Ends

<===Ben Witt's 36"er Pofahl.

Today I will have some disjointed but relevant info that has back logged since the beginning of the week. First up, Ben Witt dropped off his 36"er last Monday for me to cruise around on for a bit. If you have a mind, stop by the shop and see it. I'll be commuting on it most days for awhile now. It is quite the rig, and the wheels......well, they are three feet high after all! They really like to roll, and keep rolling....... It's lots of fun to ride, I'll tell ya that much!

<===El Mariachi with Race King tires from Continental.

I've been rocking these Conti Race King 2.2 inchers lately and absolutely love them. The profile is very rounded, and the tire has lots of "height" for its width. They corner great and give just right over trail debris. The little triangular knobs grip surprisingly well. I will be very curious to see how they do when things get dry, hard, and fast this summer.

<====First flowers!

I'm a big flower fan. Especially of wild flowers. The flowers are popping out all over the woodland areas right now and I am loving it. The first ones are always the tiny, fast growing ones, so I had to get off my El mariachi, and get real low to take a look-see at 'em today.

<====A couple peas in a pod!

I was really happy to have spent some time with my friend Jeff Kerkove out at Sea Otter last week. Jeff is responsible for much of where I am today with regards to blogging, internet work, Trans Iowa and cycling in general. He's doing really well for himself these days with the Ergon gig and I'm happy to see his success. He has his gal, Sonya by his side, and life is good for him. It was great catching up. See ya soon, Buddy!

<===Trans Iowa t-shirt design?

It looks as though a former T.I.V2 veteran is going to down load some special t-shirts for the upcoming T.I.V5. Special edition and all. Like we are a "real" event now since we might be having this show up in time for everyone to get one.

If ya think that is special, wait till you see the number plates that were sponsor provided. Yeah.... It looks all "official" and stuff. But keep in mind, yer on yer own out there, and responsible for your self, even though it may look a bit different this time around with all the special trappings.

Thanks to you who are providing such cool items for our little gravely ride. d.p. and I really appreciate it.

And there's more, but you'll have to wait for the details later!

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