Friday, April 24, 2009

One Week And Counting.....

Sorry, Trans Iowa V5 is on my brain. You will have to indulge me my pre-occupation with this if you stick around the next week or so.

Cue sheets have been drafted and are being proof read. This is obviously a big deal. Needs to be right, so I'll be careful with that. Then bags will start to be assembled. Race numbers will be used to label them. Checkpoint cut off times need to be determined and published. Volunteers need to be directed.

Sponsorship has taken a huge hit with the economic downturn of the last quarter of '08 and this year. I'll not say more, but expect to hear the story at the pre-race meeting. To those of you that came through, we are indebted to you! Thanks!

I have gotten some comments and e-mails to the effect that there are questions about T.I.V5's basic operating mode. I posted a new missive on the site. Read it. Learn it. Live it. And don't ask me about the course. (This means you Paul J.!) I ain't sayin' nuttin'. I will be posting course condition updates though, so look for that.

Finally, Trans Iowa Radio will put up a test post next week on this blog. If it works, there will again be live updates.

Have a great weekend and please.......go ride your bike!

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