Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Shearing Day

<===Doing my best Billy Gibbons imitation.

So, let's say you grew a beard, (and you are a male- we're not goin' the other way with this here!). Now let's say you go on for months and craft a fine patch-o-manfur.

Let's just imagine that for a moment...

So the day finally comes. It could be several things- a "look" from your significant other. A comment. Maybe you're just tired of trimming carefully. Or maybe you are looking for that last millisecond of speed. Whatever...........

The Day Of Shearing Has Come!

That means that skin that hasn't had direct contact with air for half a year gets exposed. Let me tell ya. That moment is weird. Kinda like ..........well...........I don't know quite how to put it.

Then your children see you. Maybe they screw their faces up like you are some stranger they've never seen before. The voice is right, the shape of the person is right, but that face! Maybe they point and laugh at you. Your significant other may walk by and glance at you with an air of triumph. "I told you that you'd take it off some day!" Hmm.....maybe. Or you might get from somebody that they liked the beard better. But they'd be in the minority, probably.

Then you look in the mirror. Whoa! Do I really look like THAT!

Fun stuff this Shearing Day.

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