Monday, April 06, 2009

It Sure Could Have Been Worse!

<===About 5pm outside my front door....
I was really hoping we'd miss the snow, and for awhile there, I thought we would. No snow yet by mid Sunday morning- But it came. And boy howdy! Mrs. Guitar Ted heard it thunder during the snow storm. I missed that. Rats! I always wanted to hear that when it was snowing by the bucket load.
Anyway, I was coming home from church in the Dirty Blue Box and it snapped loose in the rear going down a hill. Woo Hoo! (I'm one of the odd folks that actually enjoys this sort of thing!) Anyway, No harm-No foul. All came out well after about a city block's worth of fishtailing. Who knew a front wheel drive Civic wagon would drive like a half ton pick up truck in the snow?
<===Gordos make yer tires mo-betta!
In the meantime I kicked back for awhile and then got down to shoveling the evil white mush. Afterwards I went down into The Lab and swapped out some different tires on the Gordo rims. The Captains went on, which are supposed to be 2.2 inches wide. On the Gordos though, they are 57.3mm wide, or 2.3 inches. Yeah....that's what I'm talkin' about! Pump up the volume! (Well, the volume actually stays the same, it's how it is arranged that is nice!)
So, I'm keeping The Captains on for a bit. I like their overall good performance and they climb really well. Right now they are on the Big Mama. Hopefully I can get out on some "real" dirt soon. I hear the Camp trails may be lookin' good, with the exception of the logging. I might get out there, but Trans Iowa is on top of the "must do" list, so maybe not. We'll see!

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