Friday, April 03, 2009

Trans Iowa V5 Update

If you have not gone to see the website lately, you need to if you are in this event. Important news. Get it down! Don't forget it.

It is only a month away. One month to the fifth running of this beast of an event that will start to consume my thoughts more and more as I get closer to the the date. Everything comes to a point now. Sponsors shipping goodies, cue sheets getting printed, stuff getting double and triple checked. Late nights, too much thinking, and anxiety. (Yes, I get wound up a bit over this.)

So far, it seems as though we'll be golden. But with a month to go, anything can happen. Weather is always the untameable beast. Things seem too good in that department this year. Eerily good. I'm not holding my breath that it will stay that way.

The roads everywhere along the course are coming up as being in perfect shape. Nothing remotely close to last year's torn up roads and flooding.

It's only a month away, and that will go by fast!

Ride yer bikes and have a fine weekend folks!

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