Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Titanium News And Rumors

Lately, for whatever reason, it seems that there is all sorts of activity in the titanium frame and component areas. Downturn in the economy? Well, the "grey market" seems to be doing quite well, thank you!

So, the new venture by the former designer at On One, Brant Richards, is called Shedfire and his new brand, "tweak bikes" has punched out a new 26"er hard tail, long travel bike called the Ragsley. (See it here) So, here's a odd little sled not made from what you would think (steel) and in a time when it wouldn't seem to make any sense.

By the way, rumor has it there will be a 29"er from tweak bikes in aluminum. (But this is about titanium, so......)

It doesn't stop there, but it isn't so public. I happen to have gotten word, or should I say a second confirmation, just today of a titanium fork that will be coming out for 29"ers. It shouldn't be long now before it hits the public airwaves, but again, odd product- odd timing.

Then we have the way under the radar news that there will be a 29"er coming soon, made of the gray-ish mystery metal, that will not only be a BB-30 compatible sled, but reportedly, it'll have a Lefty on it. Sound nutty? Tell that to the factory guy that let this slip....(Hopefully he keeps his job!)

So, the times may not make sense for all of the titanium mania now, but it's happening, and coming to a trail near you.

This post is certified "Fool-Free" and not a bunch of myths and poorly crafted hoaxes. But you'll have to trust me on that one!

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