Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sea Otter Madness!

Okay, so I made it out to Sea Otter, well, actually........I'm in a Ramada Inn in Marina, CA, in case you want to stop by. The flights out were okay. two rough landings though. The one coming into Monterey was the pits! The plane was flipping around like a giant child was handling it!

So, California roads are like, totally not on a grid, doode! They are like, so whack! I am so totally glad I brought my bitchen' GPS unit, fer sure! Yaah! There's like, no way I'm going to find anything without it.

And then there is a big, big problem. I am looking out my motel window, right at it. Let me explain: Mrs.Guitar Ted is of Korean descent, okay. So she is stuck in blue collar, white bread America with almost zero Asian food choices, and what there are stink, really. So, I get here, and what do I see? A genuine Korean barbecue joint.....right across the street!

Dilemma: Do I go over and sample, or do I stay away in deference to my beautiful wife, who would probably go into a rage at the thought of me eating "real" Korean food, when she's stuck with Mickey D's. I tell just isn't fair!

, I gotta fire up Google Maps to find a way to Laguna Seca from here. Later ya'all!

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