Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

Thank You!! To all who have e-mailed, commented, and touched base with me on Facebook, I thank you. Your thoughts and concerns about our family are much appreciated and made a big difference. You folks are ace!

Trans Iowa V6: "The Official Thread": A perrenial T.I. competitor/superfan asked about having an "Official Trans Iowa V6 Thread". So, being the nice guy that I am, I went ahead and started it. However; it won't last long unless you folks out there populate it with your ramblings. So go here:

Have fun with that, and I will check in on that from time to time to see how it's going.

DK 200 Video: If you want to go all "Hollywood" and get yerself filmed being a dirty, dusty, gravel grinder, you can get in on Dirty Kanza 200 goodness for June 5th for next year. Until then, check out the 2009 video here: (There is a link to that in the thread there)

Gravel Worlds: I have not heard much on this of late, but last I knew The Good Life Gravel Adventure was to be the event next year that will carry the designation: "The Gravel World Championships". Will someone like "Lance" show up and blow away the competition? Who knows. But we all figured, "why not us?" and decided that gravel world championships belonged in the land of gravel, namely "The Mid-West". Put on by folks that know what a good ol', git down, gravely good, dusty, windy, hilly good time is. The Pirate Cycling League guys "get it", and they won't let ya'all down. I look forward to this one.

Okay, speaking of gravel, I can't ride in the woods today- too wet- and I need to clear my head. See ya out on the gravel!

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