Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday News And Views

Space Bar Part II: At one time I had a few Origin 8 Space Bars on my rigs which were much like On One's Mary Bar, only waaay cheaper. And as it turned out, waay more breakable! (Well, for off roading- okay?) So I never had an issue with them mountain biking, but I didn't want to, so I ceased using them off road.

Now Origin 8 has a "Space Bar OR" which is "off road rated". It isn't anything like the Mary or the old Space Bar either. Nope! I'll have some pictures and info up later, but for now let's just say it has the look of another bar I am familiar with.

More Good Stuff: I have been getting more intel gathered for details concerning the course and some of the social things surrounding T.I.V6. Boy! This might be the most outlandish, coolest Trans Iowa yet devised. If half of what has tickled my ears gets to the event, than I'll be really floored. I haven't been this stoked about doing a Trans Iowa in a long time. I will be getting to it here very soon, so start looking for details to pop up and lots of hints and clues in the coming weeks and months.

More Antler/Elgokse Reports: I will be swapping over to the full on Antler/Elgokse set up here shortly and getting some reports up on how that works out on various surfaces soon. I needed to figure out how I wanted to approach the Nokon housing problem, since I was going to need to string on more of that on the Pofahl to get the brake levers to sit where I needed them to on the Antlers. I have a solution now without necessitating spending the $$$ on a full Nokon kit. (I only need a bit more, not a full kits worth) So I will be getting that set up here soon. Stay tuned!

Fall Makes A Return?: It looks as if the weather will return to more of a Fall-like feel around here starting this weekend. That's all good for me! I was getting a bit bummed that Winter would be striking sooner than later, and I was hoping we'd get an "Indian Summer" at least. Well, it looks as though we'll get a break, so I better get out while the gettin' is good. And so should you!

Have fun riding where ever your bike takes you!

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