Monday, October 19, 2009

Space: Of Bars, Wasted, and Otherwise!

<====A Blackbuck in the woods.

I got an Origin 8 Space Bar OR to test and stuck it on the OS Bikes Blackbuck to ride this past week. This bar is very much like the Misfit Psycles Fubar. The Space Bar OR is also very much unlike its similarly named street oriented bar, the Space Bar.

This new bar is beefier and heavier than the old Space Bar, plus it has a much better clamping area for your stem. It even surpasses the FuBar in this respect, which I had a devil of a time finding the right stem for. The problem with these swept bars is that your weight, while on the grips, is far enough away from the centerline that runs through the clamp area that you generate a lot of leverage that wants to cause the bar to spin.

<===Lots of backsweep here!

The FuBar was a smallish diameter in the critical clamping area and I could only find one stem that had the right combination of length, rise , and most importantly, clamping force, that would accomodate the FuBar. Fortunately, the Space Bar OR doesn't suffer from this minor flaw and I can get major clamping force using my preferred purple no-name stem! (Or any other stem for that matter)

<===Hey! If Brad Wiggins does it, than its gotta work, right?

Okay, here we have a strange tale of two men from the local area here. First we have "Fatty", who typically lays in the weeds and ambushes innocent local bloggers with "anonymous" commentary. Fortunately, most of us locals are on to this ruse, and we have taken much joy in outing him whenever the occaision presents itself.

The second man, pictured at the left, is the Blue Colnago. He's a fella that's been around the block a few times, and doesn't take too well ta young whippersnappers that are lookin' ta take a cheap shot. I mean, he's just a guy lookin' ta have a good time on a bicycle. Okay?

So, I get these two pictures from "Anonymous" (yeah....we all know who you are buddy!) and he asks me ta post that Blue is "buzzed". Well, you have ta know the rest of that story ta "git this". So, here's a short synopsis:

Blue got a pic of Fatty after he'd tanked a few and posted it on his blog saying that Fatty looked "buzzed". Well, the youginz didn't take too kindly ta the lil' bit o ribbin and had hisself a hissy fit. Posted all sorts of goofy comments. Anyway....

So, that's the reason I'm being dragged into this affair. Well, ol' Fatty has a bit of learnin' ta do. He'll figure it out. Someday.

Us older guys gotta stick together. I mean, we have enough back hair ta be Silverbacks, the Alpha males, and younginz should respect that. Not try ta make us look goofy. We can do that on our own without any help from the yoots.

<====Nya nya na-na nyaaaaaa!
So have a little reeeespect fer yer elders there Fatty!
Heck, Ol' Blue knows he's buzzed. Been that way fer the better part of oh..........thirty years now, I figger!
(Just so you know. I really like both of these guys, and I hope ya'all take it in stride. Have a good Monday! Oh! And like blue likes to say- "Peace, out!"

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