Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Long Lost Frame Set Is Coming Home!

<===I went for a stenciled, stamp kinda look

Back in the summer, or sometime so far back I can not remember, I sent in my El Mariachi frame in to be "Gun Kote" treated. It's a kind of a paint type surface coating that has extraordinary properties which make it an ideal way to cover up that ol' steel El Mariachi.
Well, it is something that Milwaukee Bikes uses and since I had reviewed the Milwaukee Bikes 29"er earlier in the year, I had made a connection with them, and they had suggested the process to me. So off the frame went along with the CroMoto stem I had for it.
<===It is really a dark purple, not black!
So normally you get one color, and pow! You get your bike back in a flash. (Like three weeks or so) But I wanted something a bit more complicated. I wanted a panel with pinstripes, and a decal. Yes, the decal is also Gun Kote. That made things a bit more complex with the process, and also getting me to approve a decal idea. (Sorry! Much of the delay was my fault!)
And just to be clear, Salsa Cycles had nothing to do with this nonsense, so don't be bothering them! This was all my crazy idea, as far as the scheme goes. You may not like it, but that's okay. I'm the one that will be putting up with it. I think it looks pretty cool!
<==The Ol' El Mar just doesn't look the same!
Well, at any rate, I am getting it back real soon. I will now have to choose components, and what not to get it rolling again.
I used to always roll this bike geared, but I may have to make it a single speed this time. What the heck! I mean, I might as well add another single speed to the stable, eh?
Or not. I don't know yet. There is much to be decided, and much to be figured out about this Gun Kote stuff so I can properly tell the whole story. Suffice it to say, I have heard some pretty incredible claims. I am very anxious to check them out for real.
Stay tuned..................
All picture credits to Ben's Cycles. Thanks Guys!

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