Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday News And Views

<===Hey! It's sooner than ya think!

Whelp! It's the end of October, and the end of Daylight Savings Time, (turn em back Saturday night, ya'all!), and the end of fall. That means the annual Turkey Burn ride at The Camp is going to be real soon. Generally the last off road ride, (or there abouts) of the season. So if you are around, make plans to show up. Plus, you won't want to eat too much turkey, or you will miss out on the chili!

Hard to believe winter is nigh, but it is folks!

<====Thinking these would be nice on the El Mariachi Gun Kote frame.

Scouring the Globe for appropriate parts to hang on that El Mariachi I've been posting so much about in the last week. Purple stuff? Yeah....we'll see. I have started the build, but some stuff might be awhile in coming. Hopefully it'll be my Turkey Burn ride.

<====Still diggin' the Carnegie's Bar

Saw on Twenty Nine Inches where Brant Richards dropped the info on us all that three versions of the Carnegie's Bar would eventually be released. The one you see here, a version identical to it, save for the logo being inverted for those sick puppies that want to run this bar upside down, but can't deal with the logo thing, and a "flat" version. (No rise)

Also there was a hint dropped that this bar will appear in another material someday. Veeery Interesting!! I will say that this bar has become a favorite of mine, but then again, I am a bar freak. I have a ton of handle bars. Always trying to "get a grip" but never quite do! Ha ha!

<====So many things about this pic just make me smile!

Scammed this one off of Gary Fisher's Twitter feed. It is Gary in the backround on a fully modern 29"er FS rig following Charlie Kelly on a period correct clunker caught here in mid-drift. (On Mt. Tam, I hear) Old school guys, old vs new bike, birthplace of modern mountain biking, old versus new garb, and gravel!

That's just a cool shot and pretty much sums up mountain biking in one image for me. Nice!

Have a great weekend folks! Ride yer bike right into Standard Time................and beyond!

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