Thursday, October 22, 2009

Riding In The Halls Of Gold

<====It just doesn't get any better than this!

Fall riding is so cool because it is such a hit and miss thing. You never know what day is going to be "that" day. The one that is the height of color and with most of the leaves still on the trees.

Some years it never happens due to storms and wind. Sometimes you just don't have the day off when it hits. I used to take vacation on this week or the week before in search of perfect Fall color and experiences. I just love being there on that magical day. Out in the woods riding my bike. It is the best! And ya know what? I think I scored a jack pot of a day today. Gold baby! Just look at that!

<===Kings and Queens never had such golden halls!

The light this time of year only adds to the effect. It isn't as direct as it is in the summer, so you get a filtered light from the leaves that canopy overhead. With all the gold color, everything just looked golden, or tinged with gold. A definite "glow" was in the air. Hard to describe it, but it was really cool!

<===The Big Mama was making life smoove!

The scenes here are from Cedar Bend Park near Waverly. For whatever reason, the predominate color in this forest was yellow. No browns, no oranges, and very little red.

The trails had just the right amount of leaf coverage. Not drifted in. They were wet from an early morning shower too, so they were matted down. The soil was tacky. Rocks were slippery. It was a fun ride!

<===There is a bike in the picture somewhere!

A spectacular day and just a great day for riding in the woods. I hope everyone gets at least one great Fall ride in before the chill winds blow and the leaves fall and mournful looking bare trees are all that's left. Not that you can't have a great ride then, but the certain magic in the air on the perfect Fall day is well worth chasing after.

Have a good time chasing that day down.

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