Monday, October 12, 2009

Time To Move On....

Well, this weekend was a very strange one full of highs and lows for many reasons. That being said, The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo is over, albeit a snowy, truncated one. The participants will no doubt have stories to tell for a lifetime, and at least that part is good. Go here for a report from ground zero.

As for my part, it was extremely minor in the end. So I will leave all the story telling to those who deserve to be telling the stories. Please check the link.

I will just say that I am humbled and thankful to all who did the majority of the "heavy lifting" on this project. The event was really yours. You guys and gals deserve all the thanks and pats on the back. Awesome job!

Now it's time for me to move on..........

Next stop for me is Trans Iowa V6. The wheels will really start turning on this now that the Ballyhoo is in the rear view mirror. I hope to be getting on that before the end of the month. With the way this weather has been, who knows when we'll get too much snow, or ice to do anything for recon. I mean, did we even have a Fall?

So, look for an announcement on the early planning stages of T.I.V6 soon and of course, Registration will be happening around Thanksgiving time. Look for a special announcement concerning this just before that holiday here, on the T.I.V6 website, and on

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