Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oakley Jawbone Eyewear Update

I've been sportin' the Oakley Jawbone eyewear for a few months now and I wanted to get back to my thoughts on this piece of cycling gear that I use on an almost daily basis now. You can check out my initial thoughts on these here.

So, as with anything expensive with a ton of marketing behind it, one might be somewhat skeptical of the product in question. No doubt about that. Especially in these economically troubled days where folks are going to be watching every penny. Doubly so when you obviously don't need to spend this much dough on eyewear. That begs the question up front: So- are these things worth it?

My answer would be, "Yes".

Now, here's why...........

I was spending probably on average of $80.00 to $100.00 a year on a brand of eyewear that is carried at the shop I work at. I was okay with the performance and fit. There were issues with some models in terms of fit, function (changing lenses), and with lens durability, (scratched easily, lost clarity over time). So I figured it was "okay" since these were inexpensive and I was getting my employee discount on them, which made them even more attractive. I was settling for some sub-par performance and issues for the trade off of cheaper eyewear. Or was I?

Now- I will say that I got these Jawbone glasses to try at no charge. I will admit that up front. You might think that would make me say great, glorious things about them. Well- you'd be wrong. (But that's another story for another time) Suffice it to say that I don't feel obligated to say anything at all about these glasses, but I am because they are good. They do what they claim, and yes.........I think they are worth the money.

I am actually considering buying another pair, and certainly I will be getting some more lenses to exchange with the ones I have. Here is my reasoning: I was spending $80.00 - $100.00 a year with a shop discount on eyewear over a period of four years. (Do the math) This would easily pay for Jawbone eyewear that I don't see how I would have to replace in the next four years. They have been easy to use and the performance is as good as the day I first used them, even after daily usage that would have caused me problems with my former brand choice in eyewear. The lenses are easily changed, easily kept clean, stay clear, and the frames are super comfortable for use that spans into hours on my head. Again, my old choice in eyewear didn't hold up to this standard. To wit: I broke or damaged lenses in three pair of my former choice in eyewear earlier this year alone!

My conclusion is this: I can go on "nickle and diming" myself with sub-par eyewear, or I can step up to something better. Sure, the initial outlay of cash hurts a bit, but I would actually spend more the other way I was going, I just wouldn't notice it. I know which way I am going. You can choose your way.

So, you can review the performance traits here, but what I am saying in this post is that Jawbone eyewear is totally worth the price. Your mileage may vary.

Note: In accordance with new FCC rules on blogging and "commercial speech", (whatever!), I must say that I received the Jawbone eyewear at no charge. I was not expected to give a review by Oakley, and I am not being paid or coerced to do so. This is my honest opinion on this subject.

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