Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Late Wednesday Edition

<===Raleigh's upcoming limited edition XXIX 853 Reynold SS bike. (Pay no mind to that "tractor" themed rig in the back round!)

Okay, I admit it. I'm very late in posting today. Sue me! I'm off work for several days and that is going to include regular postings. Everyone needs a break now and then, ya know?
So I have been busy with digging out snow in the street out front in preparation for this big storm we're supposed to get for Christmas. Yes- I'm digging out in the street! The simple answer there is that there is a high demand for parking spots here and the snow removal system we have is.......ah...........there is a system? Yeah. Well, when the snow plow does come by, there are usually several cars parked here and well..... The berm of "car snow" has averaged two to three feet alongside the parking area, which is leaving things in worse shape than if the plows hadn't come at all.

<===Would this be a sweet gravel road rig or what? (pic from
So given the amount of residential effort around here, (read slim and none), we are left with folks fighting for the limited spaces that did happen to get plowed out, and well, the ones I shovel out in front of my place.
So I decided to start shoveling out some spaces in front of the adjacent houses to ease up the situation. Car snow, if you are not aware, is basically snow that has been crushed into fine particles, mixed in with moisture, and added to that, grease, oil, and dirt from the underside of vehicles. The end result is a frozen concoction with a flour-like consistency that is so dense that it weighs at least four times the amount that regular snow weighs for the same volume. It also has the propensity for forming concrete-like slabs which can be next to impossible to remove if left too long in cold conditions.
Now try parking a compact car, or worse yet, a rear wheel drive car in this morass. Not pretty! So this is why I slept in late, why my back aches, and why I am writing this at mid-morning.
<===Siren Bicycles enters the drop bar centric adventure/off road touring rig market with the Sierrita frame.
Okay, now that I have that out of the way, I can tell you that tomorrow is Christmas Eve here and I might be getting a bicycle related surprise to share in the morning if the weather holds out. So if it looks like it will, I will be posting later in the morning tomorrow with that. If not, you'll see something right away in the morning, as usual.
Obviously I will be gone on Christmas, and so likely will most of you.
Until tomorrow then? Stay safe where ever you are and don't take any unnecessary risks traveling. It isn't worth the potential loss of life and limb.

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