Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Announcing "Gravel Grinder News"

Well, after seeing several requests for someplace that gave a listing of gravel road based events and races and not seeing anything really satisfying out there to recommend, I decided to take on the challenge of being the clearing house of information regarding such events with my latest blog called "Gravel Grinder News"
Check out the link and you'll see a listing on the right margin of everything I have found so far listed in a helter-skelter manner. Yes, it is hard to see anything that resembles order there, but the links all work, and you should go through each one if you visit the blog in the first place. I'm thinking you wouldn't bother going there if you weren't even a little bit interested and seeing as how no one else is doing this, (as far as I can find), you will just have to put up with my randomness!
You will find an e-mail link there to feed me with any news regarding events, questions you may have, or even if you are hosting a training ride for one of the listed events. I want to also be available to point out results, reports, or anything that is related to the said events listed.
So, let me know what you think here, (cause comments are turned off at Gravel Grinder News) and I hope you enjoy the blog and find it useful.

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