Monday, December 21, 2009

Drop Bars For Off Road: The Woodchipper

<===The Woodchipper in 42cm and 46cm sizes.

Well, I was able to actually lay hands on a Woodchipper and these bars are going to be pretty cool, methinks.

Of course, you have to be a drop bar for off road aficionado to appreciate the subtlties here. That said, the Woodchipper is really different.

The Woodchipper features two major points that are departures from the other off road specific drops out there. #1: Most obvious of all is the length of the extensions. They are longer then any other off road drop bar has that is available now. While longer may not be a good thing for everyone, they can be cut back, and we all know you can't make an extension longer on the others. #2: The drop section has no "slope", no "flare". The drop comes straight down from the tops, and the sweep of the extensions are how your wrists gain clearance from the bar tops on this model.

<===Here you can see how the bars have no flare. They look almost like any other road drop from this angle.

Of course there is more to these than just the obvious. The Woodchipper has minimal drop and reach, so getting an appropriate stem is easier. It also comes in two widths, a new feature in off road drop bars. The way Salsa measures these is from the drop section to drop section, so the swept extension actually adds width to the stated measurement here. Salsa will also sell these 25.4mm "Moto Ace" versions with 31.8mm "Pro Moto" versions in the two widths- 42cm and 46cm.

I'll be testing these on Twenty Nine Inches, so look for that coming up soon....

Note: This product was provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for reviewing. We are not being paid or bribed for this review. We will give our honest opinion or thoughts through out.

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