Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Time To Embrace The Snow

<===So whatta ya call Midnight Blue in the daytime?

So, if you can't ride much of anywhere, and there is snow everywhere, I figure it is time to embrace the snow. Live with it, love it. Yep! So I got out the cross country skis and hit the trails.

Everyone knows that XC skiing is a pretty good exercise. One thing cyclists need to remember is that it uses a few different muscles than maybe you are used to using.......if ever! take it easy the first few times out. I did, and I am sure I'll be glad I did once I get out and about today.

<====Cold, blue........aluminum(?)!!! Yup!

Well, this blue beauty showed up and is going to be built up as a single speed soon for a test on Twenty Nine Inches. I have to score a crank set and bottom bracket, and then I should be good to go.

Twenty Nine Inches did a test on a Soul Cycles Dillinger before in 2008, but this is the Generation III edition, so we are taking another look at this aluminum rig. Look for more on Twenty Nine Inches soon concerning this frame, the Soul Cycles rigid fork, and the build process coming soon!

Gravel Grinder News: I'm getting a great response to this and folks are already getting me new info to put up on the site. Thanks to all who have checked it out. I hope it helps promote and grow gravel/back road type "under the radar" events all across the nation. Remember, if you have anything to share, I want to know and put it on the site. Just go to Gravel Grinder News and you will find an e-mail link in the right margin. Use it!

Speaking of gravel events: I'll have some announcements to share in my next installment of Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts...................

(Special shout out to my daughter Izabel who turns 9 today! Happy Birthday!)

Note: This product was provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for reviewing. We are not being paid or bribed for this review. We will give our honest opinion or thoughts through out.

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