Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part VIII

<===Featuring Sponsors Trek Bikes, Gary Fisher Bikes and Oakley...

Trans Iowa details are still being shaped yet. We have some good leads on motel rates and some good news being shaped in terms of the pre-race meet-up.
Let's just put it this way- The Grinnell Chamber of Commerce and specifically Sheryl Parmley, are being very, very helpful in getting us situated with some exciting stuff in terms of the pre-race and for your lodging opportunities. If you can remember it, the best way to thank these people is to buy from local merchants as much as possible when you come to town.
As for the pre-race meet up, there is going to be a check in procedure put in place. Details will be announced later, but specifically what this will do is let me know who is, and who isn't at the meet-up. This will speed up the process of the call up and bag handouts. You will be signing the release form at the time of check in, which should also help speed up the process. Finally, we may also require a head count coming into the event for the purposes of our possible pre-race meal provider.
What this means to you guys and gals is that you had better be on time at the pre-race meet-up. No late comers, no morning of the event cue sheet hand outs. Nope! If you don't check in at the pre-race, you won't be racing in T.I.V6. Once I start the meeting, that's it. The roster is going to be locked.
Don't say I didn't warn you.....
Sponsors: This week I want to spotlight a few sponsors. Oakley is going to be the main sponsor of the event this year with help from their esteemed rep- Rob Versteegh. We'll be featuring Oakley with the "Oakley O-down at The Barn", the gravel grinder for volunteers and support folks happening on Saturday the day of the event, and Oakley will be putting up prizing for the main categories that will be customized eye wear, most likely. Stay tuned for more on what Oakley is pulling out for T.I.V6.
Gary Fisher Bikes and Trek Bikes are putting forth some much needed supplies for this event in the form of number plates, course tape, and banners. The number plates are obvious, the course tape will really help us with re-routes, and planned course marking. The banners will help with marking out our check points so they are easily spotted by you riders coming in, plus we'll have some at the finish line as well. Added to this will be some as yet to be determined prizing for the event.
Important!! If there is any reason you may not make it for Trans Iowa V6 and you are aware of it between now and January 31st, It is imperative that I know as soon as possible to get Waiting List folks their chance!

The Waiting List expires on January 31st, so after that point, the roster will be allowed to shrink. The last chance for these folks is coming in just over a month, so please be considerate of that fact. Thanks!

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