Friday, December 18, 2009

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part VII

<====They need to do this with a gravel road in the backround, dontcha think?

Well, in the area of sponsorship, I have some really great news! Salsa Cycles stepped forward, slapped me upside the noggin, and said, "We wanna sponsor T.I.V6". (Actually, this isn't far from the truth!) So, I said yeah! They said "Yeah!" And now we're lookin' at Salsa Cycles throwin' down a frame (yet to be determined) as a prize for Trans Iowa. (Details on what exactly will be going down on this should be coming later. Like closer to the event "later". But it'll be really good!) Disclaimer: I get nuttin' outta this sponsorship other than something cool to pass on to a lucky T.I.V6 participant, so there!

Welcome aboard Salsa Cycles!

In other sponsor news we have secured some number plates, course tape, and banners from our good friends up at Trek Bicycles. There may be some more news here closer to the event, but this supply of necessities is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Trek!!

Also: Ergon has committed to being on board with some prizing, as has Banjo Brothers.

Details on their level of support will be coming closer to the event.

Thanks to Ergon and Banjo Brothers!!

Furthermore, Twin Six is onboard with Trans Iowa with some prizing. Plus Europa Cycle and Ski is also going to help out with logistics.

Thanks to Europa and T-6!!

Disclaimer: Same as the one for Salsa Cycles: It's all good for the folks coming to T.I.V6!!

There are some other sponsorship things bubbling behind the scenes. I can only say that right now we are working on some details on our Oakley sponsorship. Stay tuned for more on that as the event draws closer. But there is more...............stay tuned!

Finally, we are organizing a gravel grinder for support folks, volunteers, and curiousity seekers the Saturday of Trans Iowa. Not much in the way of solid details yet, but look for a century of limestone goodness with shorter options on tap. Perhaps a cloverleaf sort of loop in-loop out of Grinnell so you are never too far out of town. Stay tuned for more on that...........

Ride your bike this weekend or ski, or whatever. Just don't sit inside.

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