Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stranded In Iowa

<====An appeasement gift for good weather on T.I.V6 (Thanks Steve F.!!)

Well, old classic rock afficianadoes will get today's title, but today it really is true. We are stranded!

The snow came down fast and furious last night, then the winds came in behind it and well, everything is pretty much cancelled for today.

So, I will be in "catch up" mode now doing all the things I should have been doing all fall long. Web work, bike maintenance, and that lawn that I haven't mown since.............oh yeah! Fahgedda boudit! Anyway........

Cool news: Salsa Cycles Woodchipper 25.4mm bars are in! Get them whilst you can! Small first batch, I've heard. 31.8mm clamp diameter bars will come in later, by Christamas, I hear. I'll have some soon.

In another newsy bit: Dirty Kanza 200 changed up websites recently. You can get them now at Check it out for the latest DK 200 news.

Okay, I'll be out shoveling, in case you're looking for me!

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