Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Leaves Of Fall

I rode the north side of Camp Ingawanis Wednesday on a great early fall day. Fall is definitely in the air. Leaves were gently falling, littering the trail. They were getting in between places on the frame and buzzing the tire. That's a sound I haven't heard in awhile.

I also have been getting into the nettles. Sticking to my socks, they are a sure sign that the season is changing.

It's a welcomed thing after such a long, hot summer that was pretty brutal on me. Not to mention all the wet weather, which came at intervals that seemed to always make riding out at the Camp a "no-go". Now it is dry, and the camp trails have been groomed. It was perfect!

That said, don't be going out there this weekend! The North side is closed to cyclists due to an archery shoot that will be going on.

There was enough water this year that there are some "perma-mud" holes out at the Camp now. They are all rideable, and nothing to be concerned about in terms of trail damage, but they are mucky-yucky! Pure black silt that feels like some sort of special beauty cream. (Probably does have some beneficial qualities for the skin, or at least my legs are hoping so!)

In fact, there is every kind of condition out there right now. Sand, mud, tacky clay, dry dirt, and rock hard dirt with a dusting of sandy dirt. It makes for a fun ride, and especially so when you add in the pine needle duff that you ride on through "The Pines" section. (What a clever name, eh? <===ha!)

One thing is certain- the trails won't be clear like this much longer! Leaves, and lots of them, will be snowing the trails under soon enough, and we'll be riding on a crunchy carpet of leaves that hides all the roots and other obstacles.

Oh yeah, and don't forget about nuts! This must be a banner year for acorns and walnuts. I have never seen so many on the ground, nor heard so many crashing down to the ground as I have so far this fall. Be careful out there! You might tick off a fat squirrel and  find yourself dealing with furry ball of fury!

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