Friday, September 24, 2010

So, What Did You See That Was "Hot"? At Interbike?

Ahhhh! The question most on people's lips when I say I was at Interbike. Even vendors ask you this. I have a theory that it is a default pleasantry that seems better than saying, "how are ya doin'?", or the standard, "Boy, the weather sure is nice/bad!"

Be that as it may, here is your answer.............

The Salsa Cycles Spearfish is a value packed sub-6lb FS frame that should be on any privateers racers radar for 2011.

You're going to see a lot of these at events in the coming years.

The Breezer carbon (and aluminum, which are similar),  models should be a very different feel from standard fare in the crowded 29"er hard tail market for 2011.

Tight wheel base, innovations in the details, and according to Grannygear, a sweet, supple ride, should make this stand out and according to Joe Breeze, be perfect for the mid-west's "tight twisties".

I think Twenty Nine Inches is getting one to test, so we may find out soon enough.

Old news if you have attended NAHBS, but this Renovo is entirely hand crafted from laminated wood, and it is said to be a light and lively bicycle.

Reminds me of a Chris Craft boat!

Yes, even the fork is wood with wood inserts on the head set cups. Probably the most intricately designed bike at the show. 

Greg Matyas of Speedway Cycles showed this steel "Fatback" snow bike. What a sweet looking snow rig!

Note the polished rims with reflective rim tape peeking out from the drilled out windows in the rim.

Titanium seat post, specially designed crank set for Fatback by The Hive, and a Larry front/Endomorph rear tire round out this capable snow bike design.

How can you not like a 36"er?

Check it out- Belt driven, custom titanium strut fork and handle bars all by Black Sheep Cycles.

Greg Herbold's vintage time machine 1993 Miyata FS rig. He actually raced this "back in the day".

Anodized heaven!

Can you imagine what else H-Ball has in his garage?

Santa Cruz came to the Outdoor Demo in this sweet vintage bus painted in Union Pacific Railroad livery.

Definitely one of those, "Whoa! Will ya look at that!" moments.

Have a great weekend! Ride your bikes folks!

More Interbike ramblings are coming soon..........


RANTWICK said...

I still can't get my head around wooden bicycles. That 36er is pretty cool though!

Buckshot77 said...

There was a recent magazine article on the Santa Cruz hauler. Its an original highway coach from 1949. Here's something from Santa Cruz's blog: