Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trans Iowa V7

<===It's "Official" now!

Okay all you fellow gravel grinding freaks! It is on! The new version of Trans Iowa's website has been officially unveiled as of Monday. Thanks go to Trans Iowa co-founder, Jeff Kerkove, who has had the distinction of designing all seven of the T.I. sites headers.  

Even though Jeff has been gone to Colorado, and no longer helps put on Trans Iowa, I like to keep him involved in any way that I can, and designing the header every year is something that he seems to like to do, so it works out for everyone.

Enough about that. Here are some preliminary tidbits you can file away for now regarding T.I.V7. First off, it'll be run out of and, (hopefully!), back in to Grinnell, Iowa again, as it was planned this year. We will be holding the event, starting at 4am, on April 23rd-24th. There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting on Friday the 22nd in the evening. We will be increasing the roster limit to at least 100, (perhaps more), and we will be divvying up the available spots to reflect the demand from "Rookies" to get in. There will be a chunk of spots allocated to the Rookies, the Finishers, and The Veterans of past Trans Iowa events. Just how this will be allocated has yet to be determined, but we will give you the lowdown before the traditional late November registration time. 

The route will be a new one and should entail all of 320 miles, maybe more. More course info, checkpoint data, and time cut offs will be announced later.

You have a little over seven months to prepare.



mw said...

i'm ready

and thanks again for doing this

Ari said...

Thanks for that G.t. Let us all know how we can chip in to help out. Also in the grinder news the event is listed as V6. The weather has changed and the long haul to T.I. starts!

Cornbread said...

Love the new header! Count me in for another crazy weekend on the Iowa gravel goodness.

paxtoncoyote said...

HMMM! Eight months to train & I might be able to make registration as a rookie, this is sounding tempting again. Had a postcard filled out 2-3 years ago & got cold feet, still kicking myself for that one!

Steve Fuller said...

I spent a lot of time thinking about this over the spring and summer. I have to get the monkey off my back. Here's hoping I get a spot again.