Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interbike Outdoor Demo or Dante's Inferno?

<==="The Masses" prepare to invade Hell

Well, it's the last Interbike to be held in Las Vegas for the foreseeable future. Like a spurned lover, Las Vegas is not letting go easily. In fact, it is down right nasty!

On the way out, I heard that the temperatures were into the low 100's in the Vegas area. Okay, no big, right? I mean, it's a dry heat!

Yeah............right! Dry like the air coming out of a hair dryer. In fact, if you want to know what it's like to be at Bootleg Canyon, just grab a hair dryer, put it on high, blow it at your head while tossing dust all over yourself. Yep, that's it. That's exactly it!

<===Demo Ken rockin' the Trek tent. (Here he's tellin' the "roadie" to get some "real pedals".

Okay, so on every trip, you forget something, right? Hopefully, it isn't anything significant, or necessary. In my case, I did the unthinkable. I forgot my pedals. This is as bad as forgetting clean underwear, for those that are not understanding. Fortunately, "Demo Ken" from the Trek Tent saved my bacon and set me up with a pair to use both days.

I don't care what Jon Burke says, Demo Ken rules! (Thanks man!) So, I was able to actually demo a few bikes. However; the air, if you can call it that, was making my throat so raspy I was almost losing my voice at times. Like John Mellencamp, but I wasn't singing "Pink Houses". I was sucking hot air, by the liters!

<===Vance McCaw wins the Best Footwear Award at Interferno's Outdoor Demon....er Demo!

The heat was crazy. Las Vegas was hating on us to the tune of triple digits and winds gusting to at least 30mph at times that whipped the dust into a frenzy. I don't think we can get out of this place soon enough.

Vendor count was way down, the folks there were low in numbers, and it was miserable in the desert this time. Talk about brutal! I sure hope that it's nicer for Day Two. But you know, spurned lovers like Las Vegas, with no compunctions morally, well......I ain't expectin' the heat to get turned down anytime soon!



mw said...

vegas. eesh.

Unknown said...

I still wish I was there. I checked last night at plane tickets just for fun. $540 was the lowest I found. So much for Interbike being held there because it's cheap to get too!

Take care sir. Remember to drink and eat more than you think you should.