Wednesday, September 29, 2010

T.I.V7- About That Date.....

Okay, you might be wondering what the heck I am posting these eggs for. But think about this....

Late April....


Trans Iowa dates.

Get the picture?

I only figured it out when one of the honorable "Death Before Dishonor" members of the Elite Duluthian Cycling Guard informed me that I had selected Easter weekend as the dates for Trans Iowa.  Whoops!

Well, the wheels had already been put into motion for the event, so d.p. and I made an executive decision to go down with the ship, if that is how it must go. So, yes. Trans Iowa is still going to be held on the 23rd-24th of April, 2011. Oh yeah, and by the way, not only will our pre-race be on Good Friday, but that date is also Earth Day. Go figure!

Nuggets: Here are some details on Registration and for lodging. First off, as I mentioned earlier, we have 51 past finishers of Trans Iowa. They will be listed on the T.I.V7 site soon. Once the list goes live, finishers can claim spots on the roster. This will probably happen starting Friday. I will run the list until November 1st. Remember, there are 100 spots overall, so this leaves at least 49 open spots. After the Finishers list is closed, any unclaimed spots will be added to the allotment for Vets and Rookies, and that number will be added to the 49 open spots for those two classes from the get go. (51 finishers max, 49 left over = 100) The total, whatever that may be, will then be divided as evenly as possible between Vets and Rookies. Worst case scenario: All 51 finishers claim their spots and Vets get 25 spots and rookies 24. It won't happen like that, but that is an example for ya.

Then I will have those remaining spots for Rookies and Vets be distributed by, (our by now), traditional way- by sending in a post card. You will be required to fill in some specific info, and you will have a date by which you must not have your post cards in before, and a cut off date, if need be, by which cards must be in by. Remember- No early cards. They get summarily tossed in the garbage. (I have done it before, and will again). Cards can be over-nighted, delivered in person, by carrier pigeon, or taped to a homing pig. Whatever. As long as I get them at the specified place within the specified time period, and with the specified info on them in a LEGIBLE manner. I reserve the right to refuse any illegible cards. (And I have done that before, as well)

Finally, you must agree that you are on a group ride of your own volition. You will be required to agree that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN ACTIONS.  Got that? Good.

Now, as for the lodging: It is my current understanding that we have a block of rooms set aside at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Grinnell. (The very same place we used this year) The price we agreed upon is $64.99 a night, and the dates this rate is good for runs through the 22nd-24th. Brian Scheffert is the manager, in case you run into a snag. If there are any issues, e-mail me at the link on the T.I.V7 site.

We also are working on the Grinnell Steakhouse as our meet and great/pre-race meeting site. We will announce confirmation of a pre-race site soon, hopefully.

Anybody up for coloring some Easter Eggs to hide on the course this year?

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