Monday, September 06, 2010

A Weekend Off

It was a weekend off the bike, but that didn't mean I was stuck inside. I got to go on a hike with my two awesome kids in the local State Park, which is right in our "back yard" here in our city.

Part of the Park borders the Cedar River, and the other part borders some back waters, man made lakes, and some oxbow lakes which all make the area a magnet for all sorts of recreational activities, including hiking.

Seeing stuff you would normally have to drive tens or hundreds of miles to see in Iowa are right here. It makes a hike with my kids really great. They got to see a lot of wildlife and cool plant life.

Unfortunately, due to the copious amounts of standing, brackish waters, the mosquito population  is about as healthy as I've seen it too. We didn't stand in one place too long.

Still, it was a beautiful late summer day with my two great kids and we all had a great time.

There is more to life than bicycles, although this blog may not give you that feeling! Hopefully this post helps a bit in that way. 

Happy Labor Day!


Captain Bob said...

We might do a little hike today too. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great day!

grannygear said...

Good for you, Dad. We did a family hike as well, about a 90 minute trip up to 9000' feet to get out of the heat and brown-in-town.

RANTWICK said...

What, was Labour Day universal hiking day? My wife and I went for a hike with our kids in a small provincial park near London Ontario... it was great.

Nice pics, too.