Friday, September 17, 2010

Recon Ride II

d.p. said it had been waaaaay too long since we had done this. He was right. It had been! I almost forgot how to get my hack job lights set up on my bike and helmet it had been so long since I had ridden at night with anybody.

My helmet light, a Coleman LED torch, was cutting out tonight, but my Eveready handle bar lamp was doing great. I think my son has been messing with my light and perhaps the switch is messed up. Oh well! It was cheap and I know where to get another in case I need to get one.

I met d.p. at an undisclosed rural Iowa town that I had never been to before for this "Vitamin G" session. It's always fun exploring new places, even if by night.

We were out for about two hours and the gravel was fast, fun, and very, very dusty! My shoes were all white when I looked at them when I got back home.

We're pretty pumped about the stuff we're putting into the Trans Iowa V7 course.  We also discussed some logistics and some protocol for registration. look for announcements on registration and how it will be different soon!

Well, that's it for this week. I'm off to Las Vegas for Interbike on Sunday, so posts will be sporadic next week, but I should find time to post some fun things and maybe a juicy tidbit or two. Have a great weekend and go ride that bike!

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