Thursday, September 02, 2010

That's Gonna.......No- It DID Leave A Mark!

<===Ultra-endurance rigid single speed?

I wanted to go out for a longer gravel road ride Wednesday since we got a soaking Tuesday night which made off road choices not so good. I decided to give the Fargo the nod. I looked at it and figured I should just give it the once over before I went out the door.

Good thing I did, because I saw a double butted spoke just flopping around! The nipple must have corroded in half, because the spoke was intact. I'll have to get that torn apart and repaired later, but for now, I was scampering around for another wheel set. Fortunately, I have a few around! Within a few minutes, I was ready to roll.

I kitted up and hit the streets to the north headed for some gravel. Then I turned left to a bike path coming off the sidewalk I was on rolling off a bridge approach. I was carrying too much speed into the corner, dropped the front wheel off the edge of the bike path, and the tire grabbed that edge and pulled the bike downwards. I hit my knee, wrist, and left side of my rib cage really hard on the cement.

The cement had that "just brushed" finish on it to, so it was like hitting 80 grit sand paper at 12 miles per hour. To say that hurt would be an understatement. I definitely have a new found respect for road racers that hit the deck, get up, and continue on. 

Well, I was bleeding, so I got back on my bike, and went home.


Doug Idaho said...

Glad you mostly ok. I hit the deck a week ago on some new chip seal....ouch! Yea, those road race guys are tough...don't know how they do it after those nasty crashes at high speed.

Jay Dub said...

Pics or it didn't happen!

But seriously, hope you're ok!

Captain Bob said...

Ouch! Nice looking bike you got there. Call it the OS H2OM

Guitar Ted said...

@Jay Dub: I considered photographing the gory details, but I know that sometimes when I see those pics it kind of turns my stomach, and well.......I didn't want to ruin anyone's breakfast!

@All: Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am quite sore this morning, but will recover.

mw said...

you must stay upright for the duration of 2010. i demand it.

Guitar Ted said...

@mw: Hey, get behind my wife on that one! Seriously though, thanks! I don't need anymore of that kind of pain!

grannygear said...

You silly boy. Stop crashing or I will lose faith in your standing as an International Man of Mystery.

Had you considered that the forces of nature rebelled against all the...ahhh...VARIAtions....of color on that Blackbuck and threw you down as a penalty? Mercy :)

jkeiffer said...


What fork is that?

Guitar Ted said...

@jkeifer: It is a Willits W.O.W. fork. Modified to accept two bottle cages like a Fargo fork.

SS:Mtn Biker said...

O-U-C-H!!! Glad it weren't worse,old firend!