Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Thoughts On Future Projects


With Fall and Winter on the way, I am collaborating with Andy of Andy's Bike Shop on ideas for the future of Riding Gravel and beyond. I thought I'd float out a few of my ideas and let you in on the inside of what's up here. Remember- these are just ideas we're considering. We aren't announcing anything unless it is specifically specified as an announcement. 

So, first up, an announcement! Ha! Yes, we are already into setting up a You Tube Channel for Riding Gravel. We will be posting some stuff to compliment our written reviews and show the products we are working with in a bit more detail. We think this will enhance our reader's experiences and give those that want to send in stuff for review another reason to get their products in front of folks. 

This may also end up being a forum where we can have some video of our podcasts. Especially if we have guests. In fact, we're very close to having our first in-studio guest, so stay tuned for that. It should be a pretty fun interview. Anyway, yeah......You Tube. Can you believe it? Crazy. But, we feel it is something worth trying, so we are trying it. 

Speaking of podcasts we have been recording a bunch and there are several episodes 'in the can' waiting to get posted by my partner in RG who is on vacation hunting, I guess. So for those of you that have been asking me what's up- that's what's up. The podcast will forge on and I think we are going to start to try to get some more guests in-studio and on the horn as well in the future. If you have any ideas on who we should be talking to, hit me up. 

It's been a few years since we did the Riding Gravel jerseys. I am thinking about cranking up a new design and seeing what the interest would be in getting them done for sale. T-shirts are another thing I'm considering, and we are already doing up a batch of stickers. Any suggestions for merch you would buy, let me know. This stuff would go on Andy's Bike Shop's online store and also would be available in-store as well, for the locals. 

So, I'll be busy thinking, designing, recording, video making, writing, and riding into the near future. I hope that it hits some marks, and I hope that Andy and I can get these things accomplished in a timely manner. 

Stay tuned......


all/bjl said...

What merch would I buy? Iron on patches!

fasteddy said...

Totally personal preferences based on my own weird consumption habits.
Youtube +++
Podcasts -
Riding Gravel Jersey ++
R/G T-shirts -
R/G Stickers -
R/G Water bottles +++

trying new things +++++

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks for the suggestions. We're taking all into serious consideration here.

DT said...

I'd buy some merch for sure!
Re: podcasts in the cue... same ol' Ben!

Sam Placette said...

I'm looking forward to checking out your Youtube videos!

I read this article many years ago basically saying "you don't need a mountain bike, you can ride trails on your road bike" and it left a big impact on me. I'm guessing you may have read it as well. It seems kind of a precursor to a lot of the trends with "do everything bikes" we have now. If you could interview this guy he may have some really interesting perspectives on the state of the industry and bicycling in general today.