Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bike Shop Tales: The Bike Acquisition Syndrome Part III

This will be the final post on bike aquisition for awhile........

So as I have outlined previously. I came into a few new-to-me bikes after I got hired on at Advantage Cyclery. These were all used rigs or partially used. However; in 1995 I took the big plunge and bought a brand new rig using the "employee discount". That bike was a FSR S-Works rig. Man, was that bike pretty! Red and silver with the gray Umma-Gumma tires. I remember taking my time assembling it because it was such a "big deal" to me at the time.

Well, I took that "big deal" and biffed on my first run in the single track, and the handle bar came around and dented the top tube. not badly, but, well.......you know. That wasn't a good thing on the first ride! That bike went through the '95 season, and I raced on it some. Then I moved it along as another new rig came into my life, a 1996 Diamond Back "DBR" V-Link Pro. It was the first bike in Black Hawk County with linear pull or "V" brakes. It was delivered December 15th of '95 and I rode it as soon as I built it, despite the cold and snow!

I never did get rid of the V-Link and then later in '96, despite my better judgement, I got a Bianchi Super G. I needed that like I needed a hole in my head, but I got it just the same. That bike ended up breaking parts about every race and then the suspension actually broke on it up at Chequamegon, necessitating the delivery of the V-Link for the 40. What a mess. But the V-Link worked pretty well and I had a great time.

Funny thing about those two full suspension rigs: I still have both frames!

Of course, there were various other used bikes that came and went to. A Schwinn Voyaguer, a Mongoose All Mountain Pro, a bmx bike, a Schwinn Typhoon, and more.

I guess bikes are pretty cool. I still have waaaay to many. But........I'm tryin' ta cut back! Really!

Next Week: More bike shop tales..........

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john said...

What a biking vacation that was. Great riding and hanging out at the camp fires.