Monday, March 15, 2010

Seems Like Summer!

Well, I am in weather now that seems like summer. El Paso, Texas is usually sunny, warm, and pretty decent this time of year, although it can get a bit windy. (It was pretty windy coming in today) Anyway, it is 72 degrees and sunny during the days now. Just about primo.

I don't have my pics downloaded yet, but surprisingly, I got some halfway decent shots of a Kansan sunset and some mountains just north of El Paso today. I'll share more later, but right now, I am about cooked from almost 1300 miles of driving in the last two days through rain, fog, and wind.

I'll be sporadically posting throughout the week, so I apologize for those who might find a morning post missing here or there!

Stay tuned............


Captain Bob said...

Glad you made it safely. Hope you get rested cause we need to see some summer biking posts soon!

Steve Fuller said...

Have a great vacation GT. :)