Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part XVII

As you all know, Grinnell Iowa is where we are running the event out of this year. I can not stress enough how much better these folks have been to work with than some of our past host cities. Not since the beginning with Hawarden, in western Iowa, have we been helped so much by the members of a community.

Well, it is hard to find ways to thank these people in a tangible way. I mean, can say thank you a lot. That's nice and all, but what can you do that shows your appreciation. Yeah....the racers can spend their ducats in town. That's always a great way to help the local economy. And really, it is probably the best way to do this. However; I found another unique way to say thanks that might just end up helping Grinnell out.

One of the bigger Trans Iowa fans and a past vet of the event, Ari, has something on his blog that I found interesting. It is a news report that tells of a contest that Grinnell is a finalist in. The "Coolest Small Town In America" contest. the link, see the You Tube video, and find out more on how to place a vote.

I (for one) think that Grinnell is pretty darn cool for doing all the leg work for Trans Iowa that they have done. If you are a fan of T.I.V6, maybe you might want to place a vote for Grinnell in the contest too, and if they won, that would be a pretty neat deal to think some guys and gals from Trans Iowa helped them out a bit.

Give it some thought.........

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