Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trans Iowa Thoughts: The Countdown: 5!

The Countdown Has Begun!: With five weekends to go, these next "Trans Iowa Thoughts" posts will become a bit more interesting. We're down to it, up against it, and down to the wire. Here we go, Trans Iowa V6 is coming up fast!

We're Approved!: Yep, that's the word I got just the other day from Grinnell Chamber of Commerce member/laison to T.I.V6, Sheryl Parmley. The city council had a meeting recently and dubbed us legit, so we're not so "under the radar" in Grinnell anyway.

Final Logistical Details: I have a meeting Wednesday with our sponsor rep and friend, Rob Versteegh concerning the "O-Down At The Barn" and some other stuff. Hopefully that will all come out in next weeks posting. Besides having all the loose ends tied up, we should be starting recon of the course again and we'll have more details for you concerning that as soon as we can.

Finally, please keep in mind that if T.I.V6 isn't going to pan out for you, please e-mail me ASAP. It makes a huge difference in our plans. Volunteers can expect an e-mail to go out yet this coming week concerning assignments. I'll also send out a mass e-mail to all on the roster to get a census for the Pre-Race Meat-Up.

T.I.V6 will be here before ya know it!


Ari said...

Can we get the size of the cue sheets so we can come up with the next great cue sheet holder?

Guitar Ted said...

Ari, the cue sheets should be identical to last year's size. I don't see why that would change, but I will make an "official announcement" concerning this once I have confirmed the sizing with d.p.