Sunday, September 30, 2012

3GR Report: Fat Bike Edition

This edition of the 3GR was going to be the second fat bike edition. The first, run back in early August, was hot, humid, and a lot of fun. The weather on this one would turn out to be perfect, albeit a bit cool and crisp to start out with. In addition, the Fall colors were in full swing.

I wasn't sure if perhaps I wouldn't be the only guy on this one. I knew some of the guys had other events, and some were going to be putting their own event on that were at the last Fat Bike Edition of the 3GR. Then I had to turn back after leaving since I had forgotten my tube and a pump. Now maybe I would be late as well!

Craig takes in the fall colors
My fears were unfounded though, as I made it to the Island Park meeting spot well ahead of the 8:30am start time. Not long after I arrived, Craig showed up, which surprised me, actually. See, Craig was the one who was putting on the "Moonshine Metric", a gravel ride that was to start later that day. (More on that ride tomorrow. )

Craig and I took off toward Black Hawk Park, and ultimately the fire road to Washington/Union Access. The Fall colors continued to look spectacular. On the way out, I ran into Paul and his son, Carl, both of whom I haven't seen in a long time, so I stopped to chat a bit with them.

The gravel sections were fairly smooth and fast, and Craig and I talked about the upcoming ride that evening. Craig told me enough about the course that I almost decided not to bring along the BMC Orange Crush and to bring my Fargo instead, but I didn't do that in the end. Eventually Craig and I made it back to Cedar Falls, and he took his leave of me.

I stopped for a coffee and scone to replenish the tank, then I went off toward the house and to make final preparations for going to the Moonshine Metric.

The ride over and back, plus the ride proper, gave me a 48 mile head start on the day, and with that being on a fat bike, I wasn't sure how the evening would go, but I was game to find out.

Next up: Ride #2 for the day- the Moonshine Metric report. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

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