Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just One More Before I Go...

Fat bike single trackin'
It was the last day I had to work before being off for a week for Interbike. In fact, it was the last day of my tenth year of wrenching at the shop.

Yep! It was just ten years ago that I left a good paying, 60 hour a week job wrenching on cars to wrench on the noble bicycle once again. I had been a mechanic for three years prior to that at my first shop job, but sandwiched in between was a five and a half year stint working on automobiles.

And now, I leave for Interbike, which will mark the beginning of a new year of wrenching on bicycles at the same place. Lots has changed since I first started where I am now.

But enough about my past. This day I took off a bit early and went out on "the long way home" route which includes some nice single track. The Snow Dog was doing great, and I even found some deep sandy stretches which the Snow Dog just laughed at. Other mountain bikes surely would have been washing out and dumping their riders, but not the Snow Dog. Not with Big Fat Larry's on Rolling Darryl's. Nope.

It was great to get in a short, but sweet ride. I get the 3GR gravel ride today, then two days of dusty desert riding out West, but afterward is a stretch of three days off the bike, which will seem like forever to me. Can't wait to get by all of that and get back to riding regularly again soon.

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