Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making Plans To Go: Part V

More updates on the S24O situation today....

Stove Mod V3
Yesterday, after getting a couple of bikes shipped off, I had some time to start getting ready for Interbike. Well, in that process I stumbled into my long lost stainless steel cook set I'd been wondering about of late. The set was originally purchased to go on a self supported tour to New Orleans that never materialized in 1996.

This cook set was still in its box that I got it in and I knew I had it, but where? Well, the point is, I found it finally. It isn't light, it isn't cutting edge, but I own it. So I got it out and discovered that I would need to make some plan for a new pot stand addition to the current stove/pot stand that I posted about recently here.

Well, an idea came  upon me and I got busy modifying my original stainless steel spoke design to hold my pot above the bean can pot stand so the fire wouldn't go out when I set the pot on the stove.

Well, with some deft bending action and a test fitting, I was ready for a quick test firing of the set up outside. Fueled up the stove, lit it, slammed the penny over the fueling hole, set the pot on, and.......waited. 

This was about the same amount of water I used before, maybe a tad more. With no lid on the pot, it didn't get to the roiling boil I had before, but it did boil the water. It was very breezy out, and the stove stayed lit, the water got hot, and nothing tipped  over or went awry with this test. Okay- good. Now about some other fine details.

Sweet! It all fits.
Details like the pot, which if grabbed by the handle like to dump its contents out. It took a very deft hand to not spill my boiling hot water when I took it off. I think I will pack a pair of bent nosed Vice Grips, just because, when I finally go on this trip .

Then I had to figure out how to pack this hybrid set up. Fortunately, it all fits into the original format for the cook set, minus the cook set's plastic drinking cup and fork, knife, and spoon. That's cool. I'll figure out my own cup, and the utensils can go elsewhere. Besides, I have to use my titanium Salsa Cycles spork, right? 

Now this gets my cooking situation dialed pretty well. Next is to pack that on the bike, along with whatever else I think I may need for a S24O, and pick a date and actually go do this now. It's been over a month in the making since I purposed to get going on this project, so to finally get to a place where I feel comfortable about actually trying this is good.

Of course, Interbike will eat up an entire two weeks of my time here soon what with going there, coming back, and clearing up the aftermath. So this S24O won't happen for a bit. Having made this detail a check on the list is big progress for me though, so I am happy about that part.


MG said...

Hey, I'm glad that stove is working out. I was just thinking about you & this adventure. We need to chat about nailing it down on the calendar. I don't want it to get crowded out & need to start thinking of some "logistics".

Chat soon bro,

MG said...

... But I also know it's Interbike time, so I'm patient.

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Yeah, Brother! I'm on it! I saw where there is going to be a ride out there in October, but I am interested in the bikepacking deal more so. Either thing would be great. For now my plan is to get this done in October, so right now it would be after the middle of October-ish if it is the bikepacking deal, or right after I-Bike in Oct.

We'll chat about that soon!

MG said...

I'm down with the bikepacking deal. I hadn't even heard of the ride out there (must be out of the loop), so I was just thinking of what we'd chatted about... Funny. Anyway, have fun with all of our bike industry friends, and I'll chat with ya soon. I kinda wish I was there...