Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trans Iowa V9: Update, Thoughts

The Latest:

Not a whole lot of earth shattering news here, but this is the latest on the event I have to share with you. Some of these things have already been mentioned on the Trans Iowa site.

In no particular order, here are the tidbits....

  • Sponsors: So far we have commitments from Oakley, Banjo Brothers, and Tacopocalypse. If you are reading this and want to sponsor Trans Iowa, drop me a line and let me know what ya have in mind.
  • Course: As of now, I have about 325 miles on tap. There are two checkpoints scheduled so far. The first is at about 53 miles and the second at about Mile 170. That will leave approximately a 150m slog to the finish line of T.I.V9.
  • Speaking of the Finish Line, there is a solid chance this will be back to where we wanted to finish T.I.V6 at, and if it works out, there will be several related announcements that tie into this. Stay tuned for details. 
  • Roster Limit: I threw it out there, but heard nothing, concerning raising the roster limit to a possible 120-ish riders. While that sounds good on the face of it, I would bet it won't make much of a dent in actual racer numbers come time for the event. But I could be wrong. Then again, if the airwaves remain silent on this, I won't even bother with it. Something else to think about- Whatever the roster limit is this time, I am not going to maintain, mess around, or waste my time on a Waiting List, as I have in the past. It doesn't make much of an impact other than to cause me a lot of extra work.  
That about does it for right now.....oh! Almost forgot this.... Registration will start for Trans Iowa V9 on November 5th. Forget about the Election! Get yer post cards fired up for a chance to ride in Trans Iowa V9 instead. Finishers will have the luxury of simply e-mailing me some specific info, but Rookies and Veterans will be required to send in the traditional post card with some specific information.

A detailed post on just what you need to do will be forthcoming, but for now, circle that date! It all will start then.


Matt Maxwell said...

I'll comment. I think raising the roster and then having no waiting list makes the most sense. If you're in you know it and it's no (extra) work if someone drops. I doubt it will make much difference in who shows up though.

E-mail registration!? You're making it too easy on us :)

Guitar Ted said...

@Matt Maxwell: Thanks Matt! Appreciate the feedback. As for you, (a Finisher), you've paid yer dues. That's why I let Finishers e-mail in.

There should be some benefit to being a Finisher! ;>)

Steve Fuller said...

I think you are spot on as well. Even raising it to 120, I'm betting life, lack of training, and fear of the weather will keep the numbers about the same. Since you're the only one handing things, I certainly can understand not wanting to deal with the pain of a waiting list.

Tim said...

I vote for increasing the field size. I spent time on the waiting list a few years ago, and did not get to participate as not enough people dropped.

J-No said...

Agree with Mr Maxwell. Seems to be the easiest to nix the wait list. How many postcards do you typically get?

I had to drop last year for a work conference. I make sure I was not going to the same conference this year. I keep telling myself I'm not going to do it again, but I'm sure I will sign up. I'm 1 for 2 on finishing and want to make better on that stat.


Guitar Ted said...

@All- Thanks for your considered opinions. A decision has been made.....

David Nice said...

as vet, non finisher sounds good to me =)

and thinking i'll have to be there to tow the line, unless the myans are right =)