Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Interbike Time Again

What "home" will look like next week is Interbike time again in the cycling world. Yee-haw! (Or something, something, or another.....)

This is "show season" for the cycling industry. Eurobike already happened, and there wasn't much hoopla with regard to "the latest, greatest thing".  I suspect Interbike will follow suit there.  I have no good leads on anything "spectacular", so if something does prove to be "the shiny new object" I'll be as surprised as anyone.

Here's a brief listing of things having to do with Interbike. First, the "Negative List"

  • Las Vegas: I'm sorry if you call this place home, but it is what it is. Soul Sucking, "Love Removal Machine". Nuff said.....
  • Outdoor Demo: Dust, heat......did I say it was dusty? 
  • Expensive food
  • The Strip- It deserves it's own mention.
  • Flying:'s official. I do not like the Flying Germ Tube.
Now for the "Positive List".

  • Bicycles: Lots of them too. 
  • People: Lots of those as well. Some of them I really miss and see only here.
  • Outdoor Demo: I get to ride bikes. See people. Did I say there are lots of bicycles?
  • Leaving Las Vegas on Friday's "Red Eye Express". 
So, what else? Living in a hotel room on The Strip for five days, walking endless miles of casino and motel hallways, and smelling smoke indoors. Nine billion wild cab drivers with foreign names, hand bills for.....ah...yeah. Let's not go there. Hmm.....what else? maybe a surprise or two.

Seriously though, the industry really uses this as an excuse to hang out, see each other, and jibba-jabba about this or that. Oh yeah.....there is the hardware. But that's really secondary for industry folks, cause, know- they see this stuff all day, every day. Now maybe they have never met you, or only get to see you once in a year. People. That's what Interbike is really about.

Look for some posts to report on the goings on starting next Monday. 

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gtcooper said...

You forgot one of the best things about Interbike. CrossVegas!!!

What a blast.