Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall's Magic

I noticed something in a Facebook post of a barn picture my friend Gnat posted up the other day. The tell-tale colors of Fall in full glory. Seemed a bit early, but this was 200 miles North of me. Still....

I went out and loaded up the truck to go ride the single speed at the Camp. I hadn't been up that way for quite some time, and figured Fall, if it was down here, would be making a decent show in the woods there. I was a bit less expectant than in years past though, since we've had some really bad, dry weather most of the summer. I wasn't sure how that might affect the trees and Fall colors, but I was sure it probably wasn't a good thing.

Turns out that the colors were coming on quite nicely. Leaves were trickling out of the branches, and the light, that magic Fall light! My favorite part of Fall is the way the colors of the woods, even the air, seems tinted with gold, orange, and yellow.

Things seem about two weeks to maybe three weeks ahead of schedule out there, so get on out and enjoy the Fall colors before they are gone. I've a feeling they will be short lived this season.

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