Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday News And Views

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Leaving Vegas and by the time you read this, I'll likely be home. The "red eye" flight from Sin City. A beautiful thing.

So, how was it? The show did well, I think. Booth vendors were pleased as of Thursday with the traffic and business opportunities. Thursday may have been a bit off of Wednesday, but I thought attendance was on par with last year, if not above that a bit. Good for business.

Bad for "Bike Porn": The show did lack that distinct "wow" product, or trend. There was no, "Did you see that _______in _____'s booth?" going on at all this year. No "buzz" that I detected. Lots of questions about 27.5"ers, and what I felt about that. It seems manufacturers are even hedging their bets on that wheel size, what with the ones having them still carrying 26 and 29 inch wheeled offerings. No one is willing to bet the house on the middling wheels just yet, or so it would seem.

Bummer Doode! We had a technical difficulty of a first order magnitude Thursday when we awoke to a broken website. Gah! That ate up half of the day, and made for some frayed nerves for a bit. However; we got back up, albeit with some lost work, which I now get a "do-over" on. Let's see if I can do better with a second chance!

So Friends, We Meet Again! Ergon invited me to a semi-private wine tasting Thursday afternoon. German Pinot Noir. Nice. Well, anyway.....I saw Jeff, and then Ernesto walked up, Dave was there again, and suddenly here comes Eddie. All were there last year at the same spot, same time, 365 days later. Weird.

Of course, there were others. Let's not forget Sonya, and new people too, like Karen, who was charming. (Nice to finally meet you!) Such a strange thing to see so many great folks only once a year. least I get to see them once a year, right? Thanks Ergon, and everyone I saw at Interbike. Good times, ya'all.

3GR:  Well, after all this non-sense, I am taking a bike ride, I suppose. Want to come? You know the drill if you know what 3GR is. See ya there......

Have a great weekend everyone. Ride those bicycles!


Exhausted_Auk said...

Planning to be at 3GR tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Based on internet coverage:

Fat bikes looked to everywhere.

I was thrilled to see the Bell Super helmet. Just hope the shape fits me.

Unknown said...

Missed you at the Salsa booth by just a few minutes I hear. Am sending one of their crew a set of CXV's for his latest build. :)